10 Things That Attract the Opposite Sex Like a Magnet

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7. Music

In 2014, scientists asked 1,500 women to listen to several songs: some of them were complicated and some were simple. The complexity level was determined by the number of chords used in a song. After that, the participants of the experiment were supposed to say which of the songs seemed the most attractive. Most women preferred complicated music. More than that, they said that they would choose men who composed these songs.

Such experiments have not been conducted with men. So, it’s impossible to say if there is any connection between the attractiveness of a woman and her musical taste.

8. Approximately equal attractiveness

Do you often see couples where one of the partners is way more attractive than the other? Believe it or not, this doesn’t happen often. Scientists found that both men and women are more inclined to choose a partner who is pretty much as attractive as they are.

But the people who are more attractive are pickier: they tend to spend more time looking for attractive partners. They do it subconsciously. And of course, there are certain exceptions.

9. Altruism

Altruistic behavior is another thing that attracts both women and men. Scientists think that this is a genetic feature: altruistic behavior indicates that a person will probably be a caring parent and are likely to pass their genes to the next generation.

10. Shoe size

Men are more inclined to look for smaller partners. So, they are attracted by a small shoe size.

Women are not so straightforward. They like both men with big shoe sizes and smaller ones. It’s all about the goal a woman pursues.

Because of evolution, people always try to look for the best partner because they have the best genes. So, of course, tall handsome men have the upper hand. But for a long-term relationship, it is important that a partner will take care of a woman and won’t break up with her. And according to women, men of average height and smaller shoe size will play this role better than anyone.

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