The 16 Rules of Modern Etiquette

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Courtesy isn’t hard to display — it amounts to respect for both yourself and others. But there are several nuances which only a small number of people seem to know. Bixize collected a few rules which can make your life (and those of others’) more pleasant. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Never visit without calling first

If you’ve ever gotten a surprise visit, you might have been caught off-guard wearing a robe and slippers. One British lady liked to say that when she saw an unexpected guest, she would put shoes on, take a hat, and grab an umbrella. If the person was pleasant, she exclaimed: “I just came home!” If not, she said: ’Ah, what a pity I have to go!’ cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Never dry an umbrella when it’s opened — neither in the office nor at someone else’s place

You should fold it up and put it either on an umbrella stand or a hook. cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Never put a handbag on your lap or your chair

A small and elegant clutch can be placed on a table. A handbag can be hung on a chair back or put on the floor if there isn’t one (these are offered in some restaurants). A briefcase should be put on the floor.

4. Plastic bags should only be used for going to and from the supermarket, as well as brand bags from boutiques

Using them as handbags is a bit tacky.

5. Home clothes are pants and a sweater. Comfortable, but tidy

A robe and sleepwear are meant for going to the bathroom in the morning and from the bathroom to the bedroom in the evening.

6. When a child moves to his/her own room, make it a routine to knock before entering

Then your child will do the same when entering your bedroom.

7. A woman can wear a hat and gloves indoors

But not a cap and mittens.

8. The total number of accessories you wear shouldn’t exceed 13, including fashion buttons

A bracelet can be worn over gloves, but not a ring. The closer to the evening, the more expensive your jewelry should be. Back in the old days, diamonds were considered an evening adornment for married women only, but nowadays it’s possible to wear them during the day.

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