10 Tricks From Our Grannies That Still Work

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#4. Dried nail polish can be diluted with nail polish remover.

Several drops of nail polish remover will make the polish not only more liquid but shinier. However, the main thing is not to add too much or it will become too watery.

#5. A burned pan can be easily cleaned by boiling salted water in it.

You can easily clean even a greasy burned surface without special detergents. Simply add several tablespoons of salt to water, and boil for 15-20 minutes.

#6. You can clean your fingers from beet or berry juice with lemon.

The usual soap only strengthens the purple color. This is why, to get rid of dark stains from beets or berries, it’s better to use lemon juice. Or you can simply rub your hands with a piece of lemon.

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