10 Tricks From Our Grannies That Still Work

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Some tricks and hacks can be really ingenious, and so many generations use them. Yet some are forgotten over time, turning into some kind of “grandpa-style” tips.

Bixize.com decided to recall the past and collected 10 utterly useful tricks that were popular among our grannies. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

#1. Roses will live twice as long if you put half an aspirin in the water.

Aspirin prevents water decay and helps to preserve chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli, and roses. As for daffodils, it’s better to add a pinch of salt to the water. Use some vinegar for dahlias.

#2. To teach your child to hold a pen properly, use a rubber band.

Put a rubber band on the hand, and then attach a pen to it with the cap facing the wrist. Now turn it 180°. The pen will now stay in the right position.

#3. Sprinkle salt on a greasy stain on clothes as quickly as possible.

Salt will absorb most of the grease. Just sprinkle, wait, and shake. A large stain will be easier to wash off, and a small one will simply disappear.

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