25 Creative Life Hacks You’d Never Think Of In A Million Years.

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Most of the time we forget to think outside of the box. We grow so accustomed to the way things work, we don’t even think twice about doing something a different way. We fail to realize that many everyday objects can be used for more than one thing. cool stuff, cool stuff

A ladder, for example, is specifically for people to climb to higher heights but have you ever thought about how it could also be used as a bookshelf? Repurposing different objects is easy, you just gotta look at it in a different perspective. DIY

Here’s a few creative hacks that might help simplify your life. cool stuff, cool stuff

#1. Fridges and freezers can easily get filled up. Maximize your space by using binder clips to clip some of your bagged food items to the shelves.

#2. Here’s a trick to keep your water ice cold, literally. Fill half of your water bottle with water, freeze it while its on its side, and then fill the other half with actual water!

cool stuff, diy

#3. When you have no one around you to help you put a bracelet on, use a paper clip to help you!

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