An Artist Portrays the Life of His Family and Proves That Happiness Lies in the Little Things

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As a child, Pascal Campion made sketches of his comic books and the beautiful landscapes of Provence. He studied art in Strasbourg and Boston and worked in Honolulu, Hawaii. Later he moved to San Francisco, where he not only found a new job but also met his future wife, Katrina. Soon a daughter, Lily, and twin sons, Max and Colin, were born.

It is his family that gives Pascal the inspiration to create his amazingly warm illustrations: after all, even small everyday things start to seem pretty damn enjoyable when you are surrounded by people who love you. This simple idea is what the artist shares through his work.

We at Bixize completely agree with Pascal, and we were delighted to discover his art. We suggest that you take a look at some of it too. Enjoy!

Being hugged after a hard day

Stretching oneself in the morning

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