8 Things You Should Never Lend, Even to Your Nearest and Dearest

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We all know that one must never borrow another person’s comb or toothbrush. However, there are many other personal belongings that we occasionally share with others but really shouldn’t.

Today bixize presents you with a list of objects that mustn’t have more than one owner. Plus, we’ll tell you how to keep them clean and in great condition!

8. Lip gloss and lipstick

Your friend has left her makeup set at home. Surely it’s ok to lend her your lipstick? Actually, you shouldn’t do that. Diseases such as herpes can easily be transmitted through sharing lipstick or lip gloss. Even if the affected person doesn’t have an obvious rash, the virus can still be present in the mouth’s mucous membrane and saliva. At the moment, there’s no 100% effective cure for herpes.

  • If the virus has manifested itself, stop using the contaminated lipstick. After the rash goes away, it’s better to buy a new makeup set so as to prevent the disease from making a comeback. To avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, use a clean tissue to periodically remove the lipstick’s top layer.

7. Headphones

Each person has a unique bacterial flora balance in his or her earwax. Whenever we decide to share earphones with a friend, we risk disrupting this balance. This, in turn, may provoke an ear infection.

  • You can remove earwax from the surface of earphones by using a stick or a swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Avoid applying too much liquid so as not to damage the speakers. The pads can be disinfected by placing them in an alcohol solution. In cases of frequent use, be sure to clean the earphones at least once a week.
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