8 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight

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Today it is so easy to become famous — all thanks to the internet and social networks. Some won fame due to their unique talents, others thanks to their unique appearance.

Bixize put together the stories of 8 people who personally experienced the power of unexpected fame.

8. Nicky Libert

A London student posted a photo of a young construction worker on her social network account. She’d met the young man on a walk around Amsterdam. Nicky’s beauty was widely praised by Twitter users, and this eventually brought him a contract with Elite modeling agency.

7. Baddie Winkle

This grandma conquered the hearts of bloggers when her great-granddaughter posted her photoon Instagram. She now has more than 3 million followers, and she leads an active lifestyle: she dances and twerks, continually changes her image, and participates in talk shows.

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