5 Ways Our Body Reacts to Breakups

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Farewells are difficult for everybody. Our emotions are raging, and these emotional experiences and stress have a direct impact on our body.

Bixize decided to tell you what happens to our body when a relationship with a loved one ends.

1. Anxiety and sleep problems

People are programmed to need human contact, and when we lose it, we feel pain. The need for contact is exacerbated, causing anxiety. Scientific studies have shown that pain after a breakup activates the same part of the brain that is stimulated by cocaine addiction.

2. Chest pain

Studies have shown that after a breakup people receive the nerve signals associated with actual physical pain. For instance, these signals are sent when the person spills a hot drink or has a burn. As pain is in our brain, these signals turn into real discomfort: in this case, chest pain or true heartache.

The heart doesn’t work as well after a romantic split. A person who has had heart diseases has a risk of not coping with stress. Other likely outcomes are arrhythmia or a heart attack.

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