15 Creative People Who Flawlessly Recreated Their Family Photos

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It’s a well-known fact that children grow very fast, especially other people’s kids. For those adults who spend all their time together with their kids, the changes are not so noticeable. Anyway, watching a tiny baby grow into a big mature adult is extremely fascinating.

Recently, there have been many people recreating their family photos by making the same shots in the same places and even in the same kinds of clothes. Some of these people go even further and spend years on preparations to make those memorable shots.

Bixize collected a lovely collection of such photo experiments for you.

1. From kindergarten to senior year in school.

2. “20 years ago, when my grandma turned 70, we took a picture of all of her 6 grandchildren and gave it to her as a gift. For her 90th birthday this year, we did it again.”

3. And again 10 years have flown by as one moment.

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