15 Before and After Doggie Adoption Photos That Show True Happiness Without Words

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Every year, millions of homeless dogs are caught and put to sleep all over the world. According to statistics provided by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), approximately 3.4 millioncats and dogs are euthanized in the US. New owners for these pets just never arrived.

When people decide to get a pet, they often face a choice: buy an expensive purebred dog or adopt one from a shelter.

Bixize has several arguments for taking a dog from a shelter because the way its life changes in its new home is priceless. All these dogs found a new owner and a new home, but there are more pets to whom you can give a new life.

1. Teddy

Teddy is a mix of a sheepdog, an Australian shepherd, and a golden retriever. His owner adopted him from a shelter on her 25th birthday. Look how much he’s changed since then. What can be better than this gift?

2. Spokey

This is Spokey. The difference between these photos is just one day, but the difference in Spokey’s worldview is much bigger.

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