13 Facts About Luxurious Life in Dubai That Turned Out to Be False

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There’s an enormous amount of rumors and many stereotypes about the luxurious metropolis. There are sheikh-millionaires, piles of gold and diamonds, chic yachts, and cheetahs instead of cats as well as oil wells in every yard and hundreds of harems in a radius of one kilometer.

Bixize has collected 13 of the most widespread fake images of the UAE.

13. There is no poverty in Dubai.

Taking into account migrants, we can say that there are actually many poor people here. The salary of a worker is $200-$350. And the cheapest package for mobile connection costs about $30. Life is very expensive here, and many people live in small rooms together with other people (the usual amount of people in a room is 5).

12. Dubai is a perfect place for bringing up kids.

Most migrants leave their kids in their native countries because they are not able to pay for their education. Studying in a public school costs $100,000 for 11 years, while a university degree will cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, the severe hot climate doesn’t help a child’s development as kids spend most of their time in an air-conditioned room.

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