12 Top Tips From Experienced Drivers

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Experienced drivers know that having a car is not easy. You have to deal with many little problems all the time. You also have to watch out for the safety of your favorite vehicle.

In order to make your lives easier, Bixize collected some tips that are useful for both beginners and professionals.

№ 12. Nail polish can almost completely hide a small scratch on the car’s body

Find a nail polish tone that matches the color of the car, and put some on the scratch. After the nail polish dries, just buff the scratch a little to make it smooth.

№ 11. Clear nail polish can stop a windshield crack

If a rock hit your windshield and made a deep crack, over time it will only get bigger and bigger. To combat such cracks, use clear nail polish. Put 2 or 3 layers on the crack, and it will stop the crack from growing.

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