12 Signs You Should Take Your Pet to the Vet

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8. Frequent urinating

If your cat or dog has begun using its toilet more often or the color of its urine has changed, don’t ignore it, especially if your pet takes frequent false attempts to urinate.

  • Remember that puppies and old dogs use the toilet more often.
  • However, serious health issues may cause such behavior too, such as urine incontinence, diabetes, urinary tract infections, or kidney diseases.

7. Your pet licks itself too much

  • Excess self-cleaning in cats may mean health issues. One of the reasons is that the area it’s licking is itching or painful from inside, or it might be fleas or an allergy. Sometimes, cats lick themselves hard because of stress or anxiety.
  • If your dog licks its paws between the claws, the area by the tail, or between the hips, it’s a sign of an allergy. If a dog licks unusual objects (the floor or walls) or frequently wets its lips, then it could be a gastrointestinal disorder.
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