12 Signs You Should Take Your Pet to the Vet

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Unfortunately, our pets can’t say out loud if something’s wrong. That’s why a good master should know the main symptoms of domestic animals’ diseases.

Bixize found out which signs show that you should immediately take your pet to the vet instead of looking for answers on the Internet. And at the end of the article, there’s a little something that will let you better understand your furry friends in general.

12. Refusal to eat

If your pet refuses to eat for more than a day, it’s a serious reason to go to the vet immediately. Even more so if there are other symptoms like fatigue, vomiting, or refusal to drink.

  • A lack of appetite may indicate different conditions: infection, tumor, mouth or gastric diseases, or parasites. The vet will tell you what’s wrong for sure.

11. Extreme thirst

Remember that cats and dogs who eat dry pet food drink more than those on a wet food diet.

  • Watch how much your pet drinks. Lack of water leads to dehydration, while too much of it may indicate diabetes or kidney diseases.
  • The average volume of drinking water for dogs is about 20-70 ml/kg of body weight per day; for cats, it’s 60-120 ml plus the moisture in the food.
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