12 Pixar Animated Films That Have a Deep Psychological Meaning

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Cartoons are a true school of life, and their creators often manage to hide important truths and priceless lessons there.

We at bixize watched Pixar animated movies again, and we were amazed by the deep psychological conclusions that can be made on their basis.

12. Finding Dory (2016)

We are all different, and we need to respect the peculiarities of others.

The main character of the animation is a cute fish named Dory who is very forgetful. She dreams of finding her family but can’t remember where they are. Memory blackouts are a condition Dory was born with. On the example of this cartoon, parents can explain to their children how important it is to accept others the way they are.

11. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Sincere friendship is a superpower!

This animation is not just about the friendship between a small boy and a big dinosaur. It’s about a world where nature conquered civilization and not vice versa. While children enjoy the dynamic story and bright characters, adults may ponder over the fears Arlo the dinosaur had to overcome and over the power of true friendship.

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