12 Details We Never Noticed in the “Harry Potter” Movies

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It seems like hidden messages can be found not just in the Harry Potter books: the movies also abound in curious details that we might not have noticed or known.

Bixize warns you: reading this article is fraught with a sharp desire to rewatch the said films right now.

12. Dolores Umbridge’s clothing

According to the plot of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a new teacher — Dolores Umbridge — comes to school and terrorizes everyone with her rules. Consider this: the more evil, mad, and powerful this character becomes, the darker the clothes she wears.

11. The first and last parts of the saga are symmetrical.

There is a curious parallelism: in the first film, Hagrid takes Harry to the Dursleys on Sirius’s flying motorcycle. When the time came for Harry to leave their home, it is also Hagrid who takes him away on that same motorcycle.

Another observation: Hagrid takes Harry to the world of magic by showing him Diagon Alley and accompanying him to Hogwarts; he also takes him from this world when he carries the “dead” Harry back to Hogwarts in the last film.

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