11 Unexpected Signs That You Have a Unique Body

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9. The ability to wiggle individual toes

No matter how you try, you won’t be able to wiggle each of your toes in turn. That’s because only the big toe and the little toe are fitted with individual muscles, while the rest are controlled en masse by just one set of muscles. Most people in the world can easily move their big toes, but only a minority can do it with little toes.

Incidentally, some researchers advise women against marrying men who can wiggle their little toes separately from the rest: such people tend to attach too much importance to their personal freedom!

8. The ability to touch your elbow with your tongue

It is believed that no more than 1% of people in the world have this ability. To perform the trick, you need to have a particularly short forearm and a long tongue. But, even with these features, you’ll still need good flexibility and very strong motivation!

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