11 Unexpected Signs That You Have a Unique Body

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Each person has character traits, peculiar only to him or herself. Aspects of the psyche that are — if present in others at all — extremely rare. But did you know that our bodies can possess many unique features too?!

Today bixize tells you about exceptional physical skills and characteristics found in only a tiny percentage of people around the world. If any of you want to try some of this stuff for yourselves, there’s a bonus at the end of the article!

11. Flexible tongue

When it comes to the “flexible tongue” skill, certain tongue length and muscle tone are a must. In addition to genetics, the environment can also be a factor in this trait’s formation. For example, Indians are particularly likely to have flexible tongues. Scientists believe that this has to do with the peculiarities of their language.

The extent of tongue flexibility may vary. Researchers even went as far as to conduct a special studyon the subject. 63% of the test participants managed to fold their tongue into a roll, 14% managed to bend it in half, and less than 1% were able to shape their tongue into a triple pipe.

10. Movable ears

Approximately 22% of people on the planet are capable of wiggling one ear, while no more than 18% can do it with both ears. But this was not always so: our distant ancestors used to be true virtuosos at making all sorts of movements with these body parts. The fact is that the muscle responsible for ear movement was once well developed in humans but became redundant in the course of evolution.

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