10 Dream Jobs That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

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Most managers would probably say that income is more important than employees. However, they just don’t know the main secret: the success of a company is directly dependent on the happiness of the people working there.

Bixize has found proof of this. Every company on this list, no matter how large or small, continues to grow and conquer new heights with every passing day.

Chatri Sityodtong spent £400,000 to send 100 of his employees on vacation to the Maldives.

The founder of Evolve, an MMA company, decided to express his gratitude to his employees for increasing the company’s income by 30% each year with this grand gift.

And it’s not the first trip, either. Sityodtong arranged for an amazing employee vacation before, and it’s worth mentioning that the location is always kept secret. The only thing his employees know for sure is that they can expect luxurious apartments in a 5-star hotel.

BrewDog brewery management gives a week’s leave to employees who take in a puppy.

When a new family member appears, be it a puppy or a pound dog, it’s always very emotional and takes time to get used to.

Earlier, all employees of the Scottish brewery could take their new pets to work, but now they get paid leave if they take in a puppy or a dog from the pound.

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